About Atlas Benefit Consulting (ABC)

ABC is passionate about veterans getting what they have earned. When you choose to work with ABC, we will handle your file with expert attention and care.



At Atlas Benefit Consulting, we believe... "Anyone can be strong; not everyone can BE VET STRONG."

OUR MISSION: To be the first organization any transitioning service member or veteran thinks of regarding their VA service-connected disability rating.

OUR VISION: We want to be known as the organization that will tell it straight, only help veterans that need us or want us and never take advantage of anyone's lack of knowledge or anxiety to line our pockets. We have put resources into our process that implements checks and balances to "keep the main thing the main thing".

THE HOW: By providing compliant, quality services that often result in more value than a client would pay for. Putting Mission and Vision first has enabled organic growth through word of mouth; prior clients are our biggest advocates!

Our reviews speak for themselves! Schedule an appointment with one of our consultants today, and let us show you why so many veterans swear by our process!


I am completely blown away at the effectiveness and sincerity of this company. I heard about Kyle and his company, who heard about him through another vet, and so on. Everyone including me was able to get their proper increase or money restored if it had been taken. I would recommend this company to any vet. I wish I would’ve heard about them and called years ago.
Atlas Benefit Consulting is exceptional at what they do. I was apprehensive about their services in the beginning, but figured I had nothing to lose. They were there every step of the way. They answered every question promptly and thoroughly. Atlas Benefit Consulting has changed my life in a positive way and I am grateful.
Patricia M

Why are we worth every penny?

VA Disability Compensation can feel overwhelming and we are here to answer calls, respond to texts, and listen to you vent. We are on your team.

We closely follow the VA's policies related to compliance and provide resources you can choose to use in order to navigate the process.


Common Recommendations:

Visit VA.gov for additional information on the claims process.

VSO's can assist you with the submission, in addition to, mailing your claim to the VA, or E-Filing on the VA's website.


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