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Thank you for the assistance

Ashley has been a great assistance and her help in aiding me toward a favorable VA rating is appreciated. Thank you for explaining the VA process and guiding me along the way. Thank you again.

Nicholas Jones

I highly recommend Atlas Benefit Consulting!

I contacted Atlas Benefit Consulting after my own failed attempt at increasing the rating of one of my service connected disabilities. After going through their easy program it was apparent to me how hard it truly is to navigate the VAs decision and rating process. They were able to explain everything in as much detail as I needed and were able to help me obtain the service connection rating I deserved. Not only were they able to do that but I had submitted my intent to file 10 months prior with only 2 months to submit my paperwork. They made it happen! I couldn’t be happier with the service they provide to veterans.

Steven F


I have had the opportunity to work alongside Kyle and to be a client of his. He cares deeply about his work and goes above and beyond for his clients. He shows extraordinary leadership, customer service, and expert knowledge of his field.

C. Emery

Highly recommend

With Kyle’s guidance and in-depth knowledge, I was able to achieve the rating I deserved. Working with him and his team at ABC was a great experience, and it has changed my life forever. It is very evident that he and his wife are truly out there trying to better the lives of veterans. I would highly recommend their services to my fellow veterans.

Alex P.


Thankful is the one word that comes to mind when I think of Atlas Benefit Consulting. I had been separated from the Navy for over five years and receiving 80% benefits from the VA. Upon Kyle’s initial review of my Navy medical record and disability compensation, he suggested we work together and provided detailed reasons why. I was given step by step support to guide me through the process and paperwork. I recently received my letter from the VA declaring my 100% disability rating, changing my life forever. With customer service of the highest standards, I would most definitely recommend working with Kyle and his team.

Chris B

Great Service – Anna Fendley

I was referred to Atlas Benefit Consulting by a fellow veteran. I worked with Anna Fendley for my rating increase. Anna was very helpful walking me through each step and getting me the rating increase that we discussed. I highly recommend working with Anna and the Atlas Benefit Consulting.

Mark Kern

I was skeptical at first but I took a chance…

Wow! Ladies and gentlemen, fellow veterans, upstanding defenders of good will and our constitution. If you need financial support Kyle Peterson and his team are surely the answer. Kyle and his team will act as a liaison if you will and advocate to get you what you need and deserve in monetary compensation from the VA. Contact him and see what he thinks in the least. I was skeptical at first but I took a chance and put my fate in Kyle’s hands.Trust me as a fellow Afghanistan veteran, American, and good hearted all around person in what I say about how Atlas Consulting can help you change your life for the better. Give him a call because if you don’t you won’t ever know if the chance at living a better life could’ve been your reality.

Jason R


Ashley with bevetstrong was absolutely amazing, honest, thourough, and on top of this process every step of the way. I will absolutely recomend all of my current vet friends as well as those I haven’t met yet to work with bevetstrong to get the benefits they deserve. The process with Ashley could not have been easier, it was truly a pleasure to work with her.

Jacob Carrothers

Battle Buddy

They will battle right beside you even when you wanna stop and give up they will pick you up like a battle buddy should. I was impressed with the dedication and determination of each member!

Josh P


Ashley is the greatest! She walked me through step by step. Words can not describe how diligent and professional she is. She made this process a lot easier and less time consuming than I would have ever imagine. I will definitely recommend her services to anyone. Thanks again Ashley!

Thewander Davis

Help to get the rating I deserve

I’ll be honest I probably never would have gone with any of these type of companies for fear of them being a scam. However, I served with Kyle and anyone who knows him will tell you he is a stand-up guy. When I started working with Kyle, I was at 60%. Then he just started talking to me about my life and my disabilities, and he asked me very specific questions about each scenario. For me that was what made the service worth every penny. He knew the right questions to ask, and is able to help translate into the right verbiage for the VA. As I suffer from a lot of mental health problems it was difficult to answer some questions but never once did I feel judged or sense anything other than empathy and compassion. I know not all situations will have a different outcome, but I am now 100% P&T with SMC. All thanks to Kyle for taking the time to talk to me and help me through this journey.

Pete Gill

Highly recommend!

I recommend Atlas Benefit Consulting to all the veterans that are having issues with getting an increase. They are fast, reliable and I received my full compensation in just a few months. Thank you guys!!!

Chrystal R

Couldn’t Have Done It Without Them

Atlas Benefit Consulting helped me realize that I shouldn’t just brush off my experiences in the military. They taught me how to advocate for myself instead of just walking into the C&P and complaining. Their guidance made all the difference in my rating!

Chris Eveland

You’re in Good Hands

After hearing stories from others how they were scalped by consulting services and promised false hopes for an increased rating, I was hesitant to try for myself. Atlas Benefit Consulting was highly recommended, by a friend, as the best and fastest way to help get what you deserve. I worked with Anna and her confidence, knowledge, and experience with the process comforted me along the way. I was at total ease and followed each instruction she provided until I received the rating I deserved. The company is great at providing tips along the way and keeping me updated during the waiting period. Atlas Benefit Consulting has my 5 star rating!

Olivia Fuller

Wonderful Experience

Victoria was so great in walking me through the process! They ensure you feel taken care of and are with you every step of the way. I never felt lost or like my case wasn’t being handled with the utmost care and respect. Again, Victoria was fantastic and I thank Atlas from the bottom of my heart…changed my family’s life.