Kyle pix scaled e1610114791662 Co-owner Spotlight: Kyle Peterson

Co-owner Spotlight: Kyle Peterson

Kyle’s contact information:    1-(843)-312-1905

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Service rank and title



-B.S. Nuclear engineering technology from Excelsior College

-MBA Strategic Leadership from the University of Tennessee


What do you love about working with Atlas Benefit Consulting?

-I love it when clients realize an accurate VA rating that unlocks new care options, peace of mind, and security in their lives. Unappreciated vets being heard and validated through our process frankly satisfies my superhero complex.

What strengths do you bring to the team?

-Responsiveness, tenacity, client service, vision and strategy.

What character traits are important to you?

-A positive attitude, ownership,  and effort.

Favorite sport to watch; favorite to play?

-To watch is football to play now is golf. Ideally it would be race cars or motorcycle racing.

What does a perfect weekend look like?

-Early October morning, crisp and clear, college gameday on the TV, 3 cups of coffee with my bride. Kids hustling and bustling to get to their friends houses, watch a game, knock out the honey-do-list. Then on Sunday a round of golf in the morning, and a drive in a sports car for an evening cocktail with Shina. Don’t have one yet but hopefully before I am 60!



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