Employee Spotlight: Anna Fendley

Anna’s contact information:

anna@bevetstrong.com      1-808-762-2662

*Visit Anna’s LinkedIn Profile Here.

What do you love about working with Atlas Benefit Consulting?

-I love helping our veterans! It’s great working for a company that cares so much. You can feel the pride this company has in everything they do.

What strengths do you bring to the team?

-I love to learn everything I can about the military and VA to help my clients succeed throughout this process. I am a Navy spouse and bring lots of volunteer experience from the last 15 years. I have volunteered at Navy Marine Corps Relief Society and COMPASS. I’ve been an Ombudsman and Family Readiness Group President. I think this background gives me an inside look to some of the struggles our service members and families go through.

Last great book you read and what you loved about it:

-I read all the time but one of my more recent favorites was “The Giver of Stars” by Jojo Moyes. I loved it because it showed the struggles people  overcame to learn and get books. My favorite part was that while there was a bit of romance (my favorite) it was about the relationship of the women and how even though they came from different walks of life they could come together for this great cause.

What is something people don’t know about you?

-This is a hard one because I’m an open book, but I love to work with my hands. I like to craft, do woodwork and I like to work on cars.

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