Tony Lee Employee Spotlight: Tony Lee

Employee Spotlight: Tony Lee

Tony’s contact information:     1-865-621-2253

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Service rank and title

-USAF, Captain, Logistics Readiness Officer


– MBA in Strategic Leadership (UT-Haslam College of Business)

– BA (UTK)

What do you love about working with Atlas Benefit Consulting?

Veterans are selfless, good-hearted people with amazing stories, triumphs, and (unfortunately) some very painful experiences they’re hiding. 99/100 times they’ll just work through those painful memories and keep quiet to not show any kinks in their armor, but they deserve every resource/opportunity that comes with that selfless sacrifice to their country. I love working with Atlas Benefit Consulting to give veterans that safe space to open up, know that someone has their back, and to help them access every available resource to make their lives better. 

Describe what the perfect weekend looks like for you.

-A perfect weekend would look like gathering a group of friends & loved ones together, finding a great mother nature spot to set up camp, go hiking during the day, and then all contribute to an amazing meal together by a huge campfire with some hot toddies and cards against humanity. 

Favorite Outdoor Activity:

-Back when I was stationed in Honduras or Guam I would have said Scuba Diving. Now, in East Tn with the Smoky Mountains nearby, I would say camping and watching the dog go squirrel brain trying to capture a furry-tailed creature. 

What values are most important to you?

-Values I find most important in people are authenticity, integrity, wisdom and humility.

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