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Employee Spotlight: Treva Thomas

Employee Spotlight: Treva Thomas
Treva’s contact information:

Email: treva@bevetstrong.com   
Call: 1-843-367-1731

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employee spotlight

All About Treva
What do you love about working with Atlas Benefit Consulting?

-I love helping our veterans.  I love speaking with veterans and listening to their stories.  My level of job satisfaction- knowing that I’m helping veterans navigate a process that previously seemed overwhelming – is beyond measure.

Which blog posts do you recommend most for veterans as a useful resource?
  1. Understanding Your Service-Connected Benefits
  2. Mental Health Rating Myths
  3. Mental Disorder Symptoms Explained
What strengths do you bring to the Atlas team?

-I was a military spouse for 17 years and I’m now embracing life as the spouse of a veteran.  I watched my husband go through the claim process with Atlas Benefit Consulting.  I was so impressed, I decided to apply for a position with the company!  I loved my time as a Navy spouse.  I know that the people you meet during military assignments quickly become your family.  Now that my husband is retired, we’ve created our own little family here in Michigan with the veterans we have met through our local VFW and American Legion. It is much the same here at Atlas Benefit Consulting; we treat you like family!

What is one of your favorite songs?

“Don’t Stop Me Now” – Queen

What are your hobbies or interests?

-I’m an outdoorsy gal! I love fishing, swimming, riding ATVs, and going camping. We explore the state of Michigan each summer – Lake Michigan and the “Up North” part of the state are my absolute favorite camping spots! I grew up in South Carolina, and I’m still learning to enjoy all the winter activities here in Michigan. Come January, you might find me at the sledding hill, or sitting on ice, catching some fish in a shanty! I also love what I call my zoo – my family of boys, dogs, cats, and our backyard flock of chickens.

Can you share some of your other favorite resources or news releases for veterans?
  1. Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America LinkedIn page
  2. Retired US Military Spouses Facebook Page
  3. Retired Navy Chief Spouses Facebook Page

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