walking One foot in front of the other: Foot Disabilities

One foot in front of the other: Foot Disabilities

Did you know that many veterans have foot problems, pain, or conditions that they suffer from that are often overlooked or misunderstood, and causing them to miss out on disability ratings/benefits? In this post, we’re going to get a little scientific, but then break it down, so you can get a more clear idea of what foot deformities and conditions mean and which are most common.

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feet One foot in front of the other: Foot Disabilities

The most common foot disabilities:

*Pes Planus –A flat foot/fallen arch.

*Pes Cavus– A hollow foot/high arch

*Plantar Fasciitis can result from either a fallen (flat) or high arch. Hammertoe, bunions, arthritis, inflammation, pain, limited or painful mobility, and more are just some of the other conditions that can accompany flat foot/fallen arch or a high arch/hollow foot.


Feet are rated on the severity of symptoms. We have broken down the severity and percentages below.

Moderate symptoms- One foot 10%, Bilateral (both feet) 10%

  • Weight bearing line over the big toe (flat foot)
  • Pain increases when using or moving the foot
  • Inward bending of Achilles tendon

Severe symptoms- One foot 20%, Bilateral 30%

  • Foot deformity or marked pronation- This sounds scarier than it is. Foot deformity and pronation is from a flat foot or high arch. We can help you determine if you are suffering from either of these!
  • Pain on moving the foot
  • Increased pain on use of foot
  • Swelling
  • Characteristic calluses

Pronounced symptoms- One foot 30%, Bilateral 50%

  • Marked pronation -Again, this is from a fallen arch (flat foot) or a high arch
  • No improvement by inserts, appliances or orthotics
  • Extreme tenderness on plantar surfaces- This means the bottom of the foot.
  • Inward displacement or severe spasm of Achilles tendon

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