Words Can’t Express our Gratitude.

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When my husband (Combat Vet. Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom) and I first heard about Atlas we were skeptical; just as I’m sure many of you will be. After all, the Military doesn’t help with Trust. We were disheartened and at our wits end with year after year of no increase in his disability rating. I remember waiting to check to mail being hopeful for change that would never come. Not to mention the famous “not service connected” line that the VA loves to give. Wanting to give it one more try we called Atlas and were assigned a consultant; Victoria Hardy. Little did we know at that time she would become our HERO. Over the course of a year she tirelessly worked to answer every phone call, text message and e-mail that we sent. She answered questions and sometimes repeat questions with no hesitation or “office hours.” Victoria is a Vet also, this for the first time EVER made my husband feel like someone was listening to him. The comfort of knowing that Victoria and Atlas were working for the betterment of my family has restored my hope that there are still people in this world that care about the physical and mental well being of our Nations Heroes. About 14 months later we received the $30K in back due to my husband and thanks to Victoria and Atlas we are 100% P and T. Words can not express our gratitude. Money does not heal wounds but it eases the burden . Please trust this company; you will not be disappointed.

-Wife of Combat Vet

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